We are your number one stop, for IT consultancy, and the recruitment

of the best of tech-savvy talents in the country.


Our Featured Services

With far reaching and long term experience, spanning decades, in the Information Technology Sector of the country, and with bull’s eye efficiency in meeting the goals and aims of clients from all spheres, we offer the most elite of services that cannot be matched by any other “industry peers,” if we even have any.


Technology Management Services

We aim to implement for our clients the most creative and effective technology management services that satisfy every stakeholder in supply chains.


Software Engineering Services

Software engineering in this day and age has become an imperative of companies that survive the next age. We provide value through software.


IT Recruitment and Consulting Services

A company's people and standards will forever be the backbone of the business. We go the extra mile to find the best IT talents in the country for our clients.

Who We Are

Our Company

Ours is the crème of the crop when it comes to our industry. Decades long of experience amassed from different lenses and practical contact means, should you decide to choose us for any assignment, you are sure to reap benefits, tenfold of what may have been envisioned. Teamwork, Perseverance, Respect, Hard-work and a Never-Say-Die attitude, are the bedrock upon which this company was built, and in the activation of any project this fact comes to bear. Let us be your partner on your journey for success, as we are, “THE HUB OF IT RECRUITMENT AND CONSULTING”

Team Work
What we do

We work with the latest technologies prioritise and our clients


IT Management

Hardware, Software and Networks. The Holy Triumvirate of every company’s Information Technology Systems. As IT survivalists, we regard this to as essential resources.


IT Recruitment

JTC Hub seeks to find out the role people play in your organisation. We find and place the right talents in IT roles to boost the efficiency and revenue of your business.


IT Consulting

With our unrivaled experience in the IT field, we can serve as consultants and provide advice that would seek to safeguard the main objectives of your business.


IT Design

At JTC Hub, our design team spares no costs of - time, resources or sleep. We make sure all design elements conform with global IT standards and certifications.


Data Security

Data is now more important and expensive than gold. A lot of money goes into data mining and we provide data security services to secure the data and resources of our clients.


Software Engineering

At our core, we are committed software engineers, thus take time to craft proper planning, development and management of software for our clients. We build next age products.

Let’s Talk

We provide IT solutions that ensure business growth

How We Work

How JTC Hub assists your business

With Teamwork, Hard work and determination, we handle all jobs with the utmost respect and clarity to ensure that, standards are kept high, from the beginning of the end. With an open line to dedicated customer service personnel, we also seek to explain our processes to you and handle any issues that may be suffered, at all times.



Contact us and put forth your issues to us. We are almost certain to come up with a solution, not in isolation, but with your input heavily on board.


Testing & Trying

Putting the products and services to use on a trial basis, in the real world is imperative, to ascertain if there are any flaws, which while rare, can be quickly resolved before we go live.


Ideas & Concepts

Once products and services go live, we still remain in constant research of ways to improve upon them to ensure a smooth operation level for your customers, while ensuring your profits never stop rolling in



Execute & install

After fixing all flaws encountered while giving the products and services a test run, it is time to put your “baby” out in the world to learn to crawl, walk and eventually run, on its own, albeit under our careful guidance and protection.